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Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Kim Yeon-kyung [sports]


Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Kim Yeon-kyung, “The Rise of Cheong Kwan-Jang is Scary, But it would be Good if they Catch Hyundai”

Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranked 2nd, trails Hyundai Engineering & Construction, ranked 1st, by 2 points.

Kim Yeon-kyung (36, Heungkuk Life Insurance) hopes that the momentum of third-place Cheong Kwan-jang (56 points, 18 wins, 14 losses), who recently had a five-game winning streak, will break before the postseason. 파워볼

However, on the 2nd, I plan to support Jeong Kwan-jang.

Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Korea Expressway Corporation with a set score of 3-1 (25-14 25-20 21-25 25-17) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League women’s home game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 1st.

Reached 70 (25 wins, 7 losses).

At the same time, Heungkuk Life Insurance secured ‘second place’.

Even if Cheong Kwan Jang wins all four remaining games and adds 12 points, he cannot beat Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance and Kim Yeon-kyung are not satisfied with ‘securing second place.’

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has narrowed the gap with first-place Hyundai Engineering & Construction (72 points, 24 wins, 7 losses), which has played one less game, to 2 points, is aiming for a ‘last-minute turnaround’.

Although Hyundai Engineering & Construction still holds the magic number to secure first place in the regular league,

Heungkuk Life Insurance saved the possibility of a ‘reversal’ with a win that day.
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Korean Air Regains First Place in Men’s Volleyball [sports]

‘14 Blocks’ Korean Air Regains First Place in Men’s Volleyball After 74 Days

In the women's division, Cheong Kwan-jang caught up with road construction and chased down third place GS Caltex.

Professional volleyball Korean Air regained first place in the men's division.

Korean Air won with a set score of 3-0 (25-16 25-19 25-17) in the visiting match against KEPCO in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men's Division held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 11th.

Korean Air, which recorded 17 wins, 11 losses, and 53 points along with 3 consecutive wins, took the top spot on the leaderboard, pushing out Woori Card (18 wins, 9 losses, 52 points), which had been in first place. 스포츠토토

It has been 74 days since November 29 last year that Korean Air rose to first place in the regular season.

On this day, Korean Air came up with a strategy to destroy KEPCO's receiving with a strong serve and block the opponent's attack route.

This worked exactly.

Korean Air overwhelmed KEPCO in the serve with a 4-0 serve ace, and also took a significant lead in blocking with 14-6.

In addition, Lim Dong-hyuk led the attack, scoring the most points for both teams with 22 points and an attack success rate of 64.52%, showing a performance worthy of foreign players.

Jeong Ji-seok, Kim Gyu-min, and Han Seo-seok each recorded three blocks, and Kim Min-jae and Kwak Seung-seok also scored two blocking points each.

KEPCO, mired in three consecutive losses, remained in 5th place with 14 wins, 14 losses, and 41 points.

KEPCO, which could have jumped to 3rd place, within range of spring volleyball, by earning 3 points on this day, was overwhelmed by Korean Air in both offense and defense and ended up falling victim to the opponent's jump to the lead.

In the first set, Korean Air took the lead with Lim Dong-hyuk's strong rear attack.

With a 10-9 lead, Lim Dong-hyuk used three back attacks to immediately make it 13-10.

At 14-13, 3 of the opponent's errors and Lim Dong-hyuk's 2 points were combined to advance to 20-13 and secure the first set victory.

In the second set, Kwak Seung-seok blocked Seo Jae-deok's attack to make it 3-1, and Jeong Ji-seok immediately scored on serve.

At 8-6, Kim Min-jae and Han Seon-su made two consecutive blocks, completely breaking KEPCO's will to chase.

KEPCO, which was on the brink, changed the setter from Ha Seung-woo to Kim Gwang-guk, but it did not have much effect, and Korean Air easily defeated KEPCO, which had lost its fighting spirit, 25-17 and took 3 points.

In the women's match held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon, Jeong Kwan-Jang defeated Korea Expressway Corporation 3-1 (25-23 25-23 20-25 25-21).

CheongKwanJang, ranked 4th with 14 wins, 14 losses, and 44 points on the season, trailed GS Caltex, which ranked 3rd (16 wins, 11 losses, 45 points), which had played one less game, by one point.

The 5th round match between GS Caltex and Cheong Kwan Jang, held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 21st, is expected to be a decisive match that will decide the fate of both teams.

In the first set, Cheong Gwan-jang was unable to escape due to the monotonous attack relying on the three wing strikers of Giovanna Milana (registered name: Zia), Lee So-young, and Megawatti Puttiwi (registered name: Mega) despite the Road Corporation's repeated attacks.

At the last minute, middle blocker Jeong Ho-young's quick break broke out and the team took a breather.

Cheong Kwan-Jang, who had a hard time winning the first set thanks to Jia's consecutive time-lag attack scores, took a comfortable lead in the second set thanks to the pairing of Jia and Mega, but was chased away in the second half of the set.

This time, Hoyoung Jeong accumulated a set point with a touchout score following a fast break, and Jia finished with a quick open score at 24-23.

After giving up the third set, Zia roared as the solution to the fierce battle that continued until the end of the fourth set.

At 21-20, Jia scored an exquisite serve ace over the right endline, and at 23-20, he blocked the attack of road construction company Banya Bukiric (registered name Bukiric) with his best defense.

Jia smiled brighter as Lee So-young took advantage of this ball and accumulated match point.

Jia scored 23 points, Mega scored 22 points, and Lee So-young added 16 points, taking responsibility for Cheong Kwan-Jang's 3 points.
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Shin Tae-yong of Indonesia Against Australia [sports]

Asian Cup, Shin Tae-yong of Indonesia Against Australia: “With Determination and Not Giving Up!”

“We are at a disadvantage of about 3 to 7.

I will find the ‘hole’ and try to advance to the quarterfinals and play against Korea.”

“I will not give up, I will work hard and do my best with passion.”

This is the statement of Indonesian national soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong, who is attempting to advance to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup against the powerful Australia.

A press conference was held at the main media center (MMC) in Doha, Qatar, on the 27th, a day before the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup round of 16 match between Indonesia and Australia.

Under coach Shin's leadership, Indonesia achieved the great feat of advancing to the round of 16 of the Asian Cup for the first time in history. 토토사이트

It doesn't seem easy at all because the objective power difference is large, but if they defeat Australia, they will write a new history by advancing to the quarterfinals.

In the FIFA rankings, Indonesia is 146th and Australia is 25th.

Coach Shin said, “Australia is the best team in Asia in terms of physical condition and power.

It will be a tough game.

However, he said, “I will encourage my players to do their best without giving up.”

Coach Shin spent the last part of his active career with Queensland Roar (now Brisbane Roar) in the Australian A-League.

He also worked as a coach for this team for four years and developed a good reputation for Australian football. know.

Coach Shin Tae-yong said, "I know the basic color of Australian soccer well," but added, "However, each coach has a different soccer philosophy and color.

And Australian soccer has developed into a much more detailed and sophisticated type of soccer than what I experienced."

He said emphatically, "As of now, I don't see any 'holes' in Australia.

However, the game is played by moving around.

It is the responsibility of me and the players to create holes.

We are continuing to research."

If Indonesia advances to the quarterfinals, it will face the winner of the round of 16 match between Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Coach Shin hoped to play in the quarterfinals against Korea.

He said, “Indonesia is behind Australia by about 3 to 7.

I think Korea is ahead of Saudi Arabia by 6 to 4.

It looks like Korea has a better chance of making it to the quarterfinals than us.”

He added, “But the ball is round

“I want to play a great game,” he said.

Coach Shin led the Korean national team during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

At that time, public opinion was very negative about Korea due to consecutive losses to Sweden and Mexico.

However, in the last game against Germany, they achieved a miraculous 2-0 victory and returned home to applause.

However, fans' evaluations of Coach Shin remained negative until the end.

He is now receiving full support from Indonesian fans.

He is a new director who has experienced the flow of public opinion more deeply than anyone else.

“Coaches and players often check what is being said about them on the Internet,” he said. “Players and coaches are under a lot of pressure from public opinion.”

He said, "Fans may be disappointed because the Korean national team has a hard time in the group stage, but I hope they believe in the team and send more messages of support rather than hateful comments.

I hope that Korean Coach Jurgen Klinsmann will help them play the tournament with more confidence."

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Ulsan Loses 2 Times in a Row, MVP for 2 Years in a Row [sports]

Ulsan Loses 2 Times in a Row, MVP for 2 Years in a Row?... Uhm Seong Takes on the Challenge of Being a Young Player Again this Year

Leading scorer Thiago and 2nd place Joo Min-gyu ‘Competition to score goals at the last minute’… Will it lead to MVP?

As Ulsan Hyundai confirmed an early win in the 'Hana One Q Pro Soccer K-League 1 2023', fans' interest in the 'individual award winners' is also increasing.

Ulsan won 2-0 in the final A round 35 home game against Daegu FC held at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 29th, accumulating 70 points, and is 10 points behind second-place Pohang Steelers (60 points) with 3 games left until the end of the season. By spreading the dots, he succeeded in being crowned champion. 먹튀검증가이드

Accordingly, Ulsan won its second consecutive K-League 1 title following last year, and its fourth championship in total (1996, 2005, 2022, 2023).

With three games remaining, fierce competition continues to be the top scorer and top assister of this season's K League 1.

In scoring, Thiago (Daejeon) leads with 16 goals, followed closely by Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan, 15 goals).

Since then, Jeka (Pohang) and Na Sang-ho (Seoul, 12 goals) have been added, but it does not seem easy to turn it around.

With both Thiago and Ju Min-gyu remaining, there is a greater possibility that the player who becomes the top scorer will naturally win the season's Most Valuable Player (MVP).

For the K-League Individual Awards (MVP, Young Player, Best 11), each club submits a list of candidates, and then the Candidate Selection Committee selects a multiple of 4 for each category and decides the winner through voting (media 40%, player 30%, leader 30%). do.

If Joo Min-gyu surpasses Thiago in the last three games and becomes the top scorer, there is a high possibility that he will be named MVP due to his 'local striker' and 'winning team premium'.

Ulsan won the K-League 1 championship for the first time in 17 years last season, and veteran Lee Chung-yong was selected as MVP.

Ulsan, which achieved its second consecutive victory in the K League, had the opportunity to produce MVP for the second consecutive year.

However, as each club selects a list of MVP candidates, Ju Min-gyu still has the task of being selected by the Ulsan club.

Not only Joo Min-gyu, but also Barco (11 goals, 1 assist in 34 games, 1 assist), who showed off his offensive ability in the early part of the season, and 'Spider Hands' Cho Hyun-woo (34 games, 36 goals) were also outstanding in Ulsan's second consecutive victory.

Thiago not only scored (16 goals) but also recorded 5 assists, ranking first with 21 attack points.

However, it is unfortunate that Daejeon stayed in Final B.

Pohang's striker Jeka is ranked first overall with 47,094 points through the 35th round in the K-League Power Ranking 'Adidas Points' combined score selected by the Professional Federation, so he can be named as an MVP candidate.

Competition for the K League 1 Young Player Award is also fierce.

The Young Player Award requires Korean players under the age of 23 to be within 3 seasons from their first K-League debut season (K-League debut after the 2021 season).

The most eye-catching player is Gwangju FC's midfielder Uhm Seong, the star of this season's 'promoted team sensation'.

Umjiseong played in 25 games through the 35th round, scoring 5 goals and 3 assists, accumulating the most outstanding attack points among the Young Player Award recipients.

He was included in the ‘Best 11 of the Round’ selected by the Professional Federation five times, and was named ‘Man of the Match’ twice.

Uhm Seong Uhm, who debuted in 2021, won the K League 2 Young Player Award last season.

If he receives the K League 1 Young Player Award this year, Uhm Seong will have the honor of becoming the first K League player to sweep both the 1st and 2nd Division Young Player Awards.

Uhm Ji-seong's strong opponent is Daegu FC defender Hwang Jae-won.

Right defender Hwang Jae-won played 30 games, the most among the Young Flair Award recipients, and played well, recording 1 goal and 3 assists.

In terms of scoring alone, Lee Ho-jae (Pohang) stands out as he scored the most goals with 6 goals (1 assist) in 34 games.
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Short Track Speed Track Hwang Dae-heon Defeated Lin Xiaojun [sports]

Short track speed track Hwang Dae-heon defeated Lin Xiaojun, who returned after grinding his teeth

Winner of the 1,500m World Cup 1st competition

Korean men's short-track speed track Hwang Dae-heon (Gangwon Provincial Office) won a landslide victory against his former national teammate Lin Xiaojun (Chinese/Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), who became a naturalized Chinese citizen.

Dae-Heon Hwang won the gold medal by crossing the finish line first with a record of 2 minutes 23.666 seconds in the men's 1,500m final of the first competition of the 2023-2024 season International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup held in Montreal, Canada on the 22nd (Korean time).

I walked. 먹튀검증

He beat Steindesmoot (Belgium, 2 minutes 23.789 seconds) by 0.123 seconds.

Hwang Dae-heon, who declared a break after the Beijing Winter Olympics last year and returned the Taegeuk mark for the 2022-2023 season, showed off his rust-free skills by running a 'golden run' from the first competition of his return to the World Cup series this season.

The biggest interest in the men's 1,500m event at this tournament was the confrontation between Hwang Dae-heon and Lin Xiaojun, who had a bad relationship while on the Korean national team.

The two wore the Taegeuk symbol and worked together on the national team, but their relationship soured after an unpleasant incident occurred during training in 2019.

Lin Xiaojun, who received a one-year suspension from the Korea Skating Federation, became a naturalized Chinese citizen and met Hwang Dae-heon at an international competition for the first time in four years.

Daeheon Hwang and Xiaojun Lin finally faced each other in the men's 1,500m semifinals that day.

In the semifinals, while Lin Xiaojun took the lead early in the race, Hwang Dae-heon looked for an opportunity at the back.

Daeheon Hwang quickly rose to second place with three laps left, pushing Lin Xiaojun to third, then immediately increased his speed and rose to the lead.

Hwang Dae-heon, who had accumulated enough strength, widened the gap comfortably and crossed the finish line in 1st place, while Lin Xiaojun lost 2nd place to Russell Felix (Canada) at the last corner and fell to 3rd place, failing to advance to the finals.

Hwang Dae-heon, who defeated Lin Xiaojun in an overwhelming race and advanced to the finals, marked his return to the World Cup series after a year with a gold medal.

In the women's 1,500m final, Kim Gil-li (Seongnam City Hall) crossed the finish line with a time of 2 minutes 28.012 seconds, 0.149 seconds behind Haner Desmut (Belgium, 2 minutes 27.863 seconds) and took the silver medal.

In the mixed relay finals, Korea, led by Kim Gil-li, Kim Geon-woo, Seo Yi-ra (Hwaseong City Hall).

And Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall), had to be content with a silver medal after being pushed out by China, led by brothers Shandor Liu and Saoang Liu, who changed their nationality from Hungary to China. did.

Kim Gil-li won two silver medals, including the women's 1,500m and the mixed relay, while Lin Xiaojun played in the Chinese mixed relay team to the semifinals but missed the final race.
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Pain and Burden of Track and Field Genius Joel Jin [sports]

[National Sports Festival] The pain and burden of track and field genius Joel Jin... I washed while drawing

Mixed-race athlete Joel Jin sets new records in every competition he participates in.

“I’ve never been to an art academy, but… I made up my mind by drawing.”

It is common for people who are evaluated as 'prodigies' across all fields to stop growing and live ordinary lives.

This is especially true in the sports world.

Every year, many 'geniuses' break their own wings, unable to overcome the excessive expectations and attention from those around them. 스포츠토토

Even now, many promising players are failing to blossom and disappearing from people's minds.

Namadi Joel-Jin (17, Gimpo Jeil Technical High School), a promising Korean track and field sprinter, is also considered a genius.

Joel Jin entered track and field a bit late, when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school, but has recently shown explosive growth and is shaking up the Korean track and field world.

Joel Jin, who was an ordinary athlete just two years ago, surprised those around him by setting a new high school men's 100m record of 10.36 seconds last August.

Recently, at the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival held at Mokpo Stadium in Jeollanam-do, he swept the gold medals in the men's high school 100m (10.47) and 200m (21.04) races, beating his competitors by a long distance.

In particular, a new competition record was set in the 200.

The reason Joel Jin is receiving attention is not just because of his skills.

Born to a Korean mother and a Nigerian father, Joel Jin attracts the public's attention with his striking appearance and Western-style name.

Joel Jin, who was born and raised in Korea, was no different from her friends her age, but she also suffered from quite a bit of stress due to the attention of those around her.

The pressure and stress that Joel Jin feels is much greater than that experienced by other ‘genius players’.

Joel Jin, whom we met at Mokpo Stadium on the 16th, was cautious when asked about exposure to public opinion, saying, "It's difficult to tell you honestly."

However, Joel Jin is doing well to overcome the excessive expectations, attention, and gaze of those around him.

She manages her mental state by engaging in various hobbies to avoid becoming obsessed with records, numbers, and performance.

“She usually relieves stress by playing the guitar or drawing,” Joel Jin said.

“She enjoys doing variety shows and it’s fun.”

Joel Jin's drawing skills are top-notch.

They are no different from art major students preparing for entrance exams.

“She loved drawing since she was little,” he said.

“She never went to art school, but she continued to draw and her skills improved.”

Painting is Joel Jin's escape from pressure.

He added, “Whenever I feel stressed, I draw my mind by drawing world-class athletes like Usain Bolt, who I like.”

He added, “I feel pressure whenever an important competition approaches, but I try to overcome it on my own.”

Joel Jin, who is overcoming his battle with himself through his healthy hobbies, confidently said, “I will grow well in the future.”
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Hwang Sun-woo in Sports Festival in October [sports]

[Asian Games] Hwang Sun-woo, Who has No Rest... Sports Festival in October, Selection Tournament in November, World Championships in February

The most important goal in 2024 is to win a medal at the Paris Olympics.

Hwang Sun-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) said, “I can’t rest” even after completing the Hangzhou Asian Games schedule.

As he thought about the remaining competition schedule, he confessed, "I felt out of breath."

Sunwoo Hwang, who won 6 medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) in a total of 8 races (6 finals, 2 preliminary rounds) at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, returned to Korea, took a short rest, and resumed training. did.

Hwang Seon-woo actually has no time to rest. 토토사이트

After competing in the National Sports Festival in October and the National Team Selection Tournament in November, he must prepare for the World Championships in Doha in February next year.

In the summer of 2024, Hwang Sun-woo will challenge to win a medal at the Paris Olympics, which is one of his life goals.

The men's 100m freestyle A record at the Doha World Championships is 48.51 seconds, and the 200m record is 1 minute 47.06 seconds.

Players who pass this record from October 1st of last year to December 19th of this year will be eligible to compete.

The A records at the 2024 Paris Olympics are higher than those at the Doha World Championships, at 48.34 seconds for the men's 100m freestyle and 1 minute 46.26 seconds for the 200m.

The record recognition period is from March 1 of this year to June 23, 2024.

The standard for an A record is quite high, but Hwang Sun-woo has already passed the A record at the Paris Olympics as well as the Doha World Championships.

Sunwoo Hwang recorded 47.79 seconds in the 100m freestyle at the Gwangju National Championships in June this year, and recorded 48.08 seconds in the semifinals of the Fukuoka World Championships in July.

In his 200m freestyle, he finished third with a time of 1 minute 44.42 seconds at the Fukuoka World Championships, and then further shortened his Korean record with a time of 1 minute 44.40 seconds at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Sunwoo Hwang is ranked 3rd in the world rankings for the men's 200m freestyle this year.

The gap between him and 1st place Matthew Richards (1 minute 44.30 seconds) and 2nd place Tom Dean (1 minute 44.32 seconds, UK) is not large.

In the past, Korean swimming was virtually guaranteed to participate in the World Championships or Olympics as long as it passed the A record.

However, now in the men's 200m freestyle, we must look at the standard of 'maximum 2 participants per country per event'.

In the men's 200m freestyle at the 2023 Korea Management National Team Selection Competition held in March this year, Hwang Sun-woo (1:45.36), Lee Ho-jun (1:45.70), and Kim Woo-min (1:46.10) all set the International Aquatics Federation A record (1) By passing the time (minutes 47.06 seconds)

Hwang Sun-woo and Lee Ho-jun won the right to participate in the Fukuoka World Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Hojun Lee ranked 6th in the men's 200m freestyle at the World Championships and 3rd at the Asian Games.

Competition is expected to take place at the Doha World Championship representative selection event in November.

Of course, there is a high possibility that Hwang Sun-woo will pass the national team selection competition in first place.

Still, Hwang Sun-woo said, “Now I can’t guarantee victory even in domestic competitions.

I will prepare well for the national team selection competition.”

The fight against records is '24/7'.

Sunwoo Hwang is consistently challenging his main event, the 200m freestyle, to break the 1:43 second mark and his personal best record for the 100m freestyle (47.56 seconds).
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Reached the Semifinals for the First Time in History [sports]

[Asian Games] Reached the Semifinals for the First Time in History Despite Losing All 2 Group Matches... Hong Kong Football Sensation

Coach Andersen, who took the helm of K-League Incheon in 2018, becomes the head coach.

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games men's soccer semifinal match will be held between Korea-Uzbekistan and Japan-Hong Kong.

The average soccer fan might wonder, ‘Hong Kong in the semifinals?’

Hong Kong is ranked 148th in the FIFA world rankings, and this is because the team has not achieved remarkable results in Asian competitions. 먹튀검증가이드

What's even more surprising is that Hong Kong defeated Asian powerhouse Iran 1-0 in the quarterfinals.

Iran is ranked 21st in the FIFA rankings, the second highest ranking country in Asia after Japan (19th).

Of course, because there is an age limit for men's soccer in the Asian Games (under 24 for this tournament), it is difficult to say that the world ranking and power of the adult national team are strictly proportional, but in any case, Hong Kong's defeat of Iran and advancement to the semifinals was an unexpected result.

But this is not all that is surprising.

The ‘mystery’ is that Hong Kong advanced to the semifinals despite losing all two games in the group stage of this tournament.

The story is like this.

Hong Kong was placed in Group C of the tournament's group stage and was scheduled to compete with Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Syria.

However, with Afghanistan and Syria suddenly not participating, only Uzbekistan and Hong Kong remained in Group C.

The tournament organizing committee decided not to reorganize the groups and decided that Group C would be played with Uzbekistan and Hong Kong facing each other twice.

In addition, Group C was given the de facto 'preference' of allowing both Uzbekistan and Hong Kong to advance to the round of 16 regardless of the result of the game.

In the other group, the four teams fought fiercely from the group stage to be in the top two, but Uzbekistan and Hong Kong had already confirmed their advancement to the round of 16 and played two games comfortably as practice.

Hong Kong lost 0-1 and 1-2 in both matches against Uzbekistan, but reached the round of 16.

Then, among the countries that advanced to the round of 16, they faced Palestine, ranked 2nd in Group D, who were relatively weak, and won 1-0 to join the quarterfinals.

Hong Kong, who literally 'luckily' advanced to the quarterfinals, was expected to have difficulty overcoming Iran's wall, but they even surpassed Iran and advanced to the semifinals.

This is the first time that Hong Kong has advanced to the semifinals in men's soccer since the first Asian Games in 1951, and it has been 65 years since the quarterfinals in 1958.

The Hong Kong coach is Jern Andersen (Norway), who served as North Korea's head coach from 2016 to 2018 and took command of K-League's Incheon in 2018.
Coach Jern Andersen said ahead of the semifinal against Japan on the 4th, "Japan has a lot of talented players," and added, "But if we compete a little stronger, we will be able to get a chance against Japan, which has many relatively young players." .

While Hong Kong used all three wild cards, Japan selected the national team from those born in 2001 without anyone born in 2000 for this tournament.

Those born in 1999 can participate in men's soccer at the Asian Games.

The winner of the Hong Kong-Japan match will meet the winner of the Korea-Uzbekistan match in the final.
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Jeong Byeong-hee, ‘Son Geun-seong and Woo Hyo-sook Kids’ [sports]

[Asian Games] ‘Son Geun-seong and Woo Hyo-sook Kids’ Jeong Byeong-hee “I Ran Only for the Gold Medal for 13 Years”

A 5th grade boy who was moved by the gold medal in Guangzhou in 2010 also felt the pain of being excluded from the gold medal event in Hangzhou in 2014 and 2018... “Thank you Choi In-ho for helping me score.”

Korean roller skater Jeong Byeong-hee (24, Chungbuk Sports Council) has dreamed of winning a gold medal in the Asian Games since she was in the fifth grade of elementary school, 13 years ago. 안전놀이터

At the 2010 Guangzhou Games, he watched on TV as Geun-seong Son and Hyo-suk Woo, the leading men and women of rollers, swept the gold medals in the 10,000m (Exclusion + Points) 10,000m.

While he was naturally roller skating following his older brother Jeong Byeong-gwan (Chungbuk Sports Council), who was three years older than him, it was a moment when a goal that would carry over into his career as an athlete was planted in him.

But the situation was not easy.

No matter how hard he worked, it was unclear whether he would be able to participate in the Asian Games.

Roller skating was not adopted as an official event at the 2014 Incheon Games, and at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, it was drastically reduced to two 20,000m road events for men and women.

Byung-hee Jeong did not give up hope and continued training quietly.

And after 13 years, an opportunity came.

The EP 10,000m event has returned as an official event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Jeong Byeong-hee, wearing the Taegeuk symbol, recorded the highest score of 19 points and won the gold medal at the competition held at the Qiantang Roller Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 30th.

His strategy of conserving his stamina early in the game and then shifting into high gear in the middle to sweep the points was successful.

In a phone call after the awards ceremony, Byeong-hee Jeong said, "I dreamed of seeing seniors Geun-seong Son and Hyo-suk Woo win gold medals in 2010," and reflected, "I kept running for year after year even though it was difficult after seeing just one gold medal at the Asian Games."

She was thrilled and said, "I wanted to have the same title as my idols and dreams, Son Geun-seong and Woo Hyo-sook."

Geun-seong Son, who is a playing coach at the Jeonbuk Sports Council, and Hyo-suk Woo, a retired player, are said to have supported their juniors, including Byeong-hee Jeong, in both material and spiritual ways ahead of this tournament.

Jung Byeong-hee also called them his brothers and sisters and recalled, "I was in a slump in July and August of this year, but my brother and sister said, 'If you believe in yourself and show what you have prepared, you will get good results,' so I got my mentality together."

He also expressed his gratitude to bronze medalist Choi In-ho, who helped him win the gold medal that day.

Choi In-ho competed for the lead until the middle of the game, preventing Chinese and Taiwanese players from scoring, and in the second half, he actively supported Jeong Byeong-hee's scoring by marking other players' runs.

Jeong Byeong-hee said, “During the game, he told me, ‘Take it easy (and score),’ so I rode with peace of mind.

I ’m grateful.”

Jung Byeong-hee, who achieved her childhood dream, expressed her ambition, saying, "We will win a gold medal together in the remaining 3,000m relay race," and added, "We will become athletes who develop further as we prepare for the next Asian Games."

EP 10,000m is a race format in which athletes who are ranked at a certain number of laps receive points while completing 50 laps around a 200m track, and those who are at the very end are eliminated.

In the lap after the bell rings, the players in 1st and 2nd place receive 2 and 1 point, respectively, and in the last lap, the players in 1st to 3rd place receive 3 to 1 points each.

The scores are added up to determine the ranking.
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LoL National Team Defeats China in the Semifinals [sports]

[Asian Games] LoL National Team Defeats China in the Semifinals and Advances to the Finals... 金 Influential

Following the quarterfinals, Chovy appears in the mid-game... Secure at least a silver medal with a 2:0 complete win…

The winning team of the Taiwan-Vietnam game and the finals on the 29th.

The e-sports League of Legends (LoL) team that participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) completely defeated China, the biggest enemy of the tournament. 먹튀검증가이드

The national team won against China with a set score of 2:0 in the semifinals, held in a best-of-three format at the Hangzhou Esports Center in China on the morning of the 28th.

Korea used 'Chovy' Jeong Ji-hoon (22, Gen.G) as their mid laner following the quarterfinals the previous day.

To counter this, China selected 'Jiejie' Zhao Lijie (22, Edward Gaming) as their starting jungler.

'Ruler' Jae-hyuk Park (25, Jingdong Gaming) cut down 'Elk' Zhao Jahao in the 5th minute with a joint attack by supporter Ryu 'Keria' Min-seok (21, T1) and ganking Seo Jin-hyuk (23, Jingdong Gaming). and overpowered the ship.

Ruler recorded a double kill in the subsequent large-scale fight (teamfight) around the 15th minute, widening the gap that had widened early on.

China was not helpless either.

'Night' Zuoding (23, Jingdong Gaming) launched a counterattack by using his personal skills using his key pick, LeBlanc, to cut off Kanavi, Zeus, and Keria, who are playing on the same team in his country's league.

The deciding factor was a teamfight that started near the Chinese team's headquarters around the 28th minute.

Kanavi started by eliminating Knight, who was a thorn in his eye, and took the victory by capturing 'Meiko' Tenye (25, Edward Gaming) and Zhao Lijie, and Ruler went deep into the Chinese base and captured the other two, winning the first set in 29 minutes. took it

Korea, which started strong in the first set, appeared to be shaken by China's fierce counterattack in the early part of the second set.

China widened the gold gap by winning a kill in a mid-line teamfight around the 8th minute, starting with 'Elk' Zhao Jahao (22, Bilibili Gaming) taking the lead in a bottom lane battle around the 3rd minute.

However, Korea took advantage of the performance of Ruler and Chovy by obtaining a buff in a teamfight in front of Dragon around the 15th minute, and won 3 kills against China, restoring the kill score to 4:4.

Korea's victory was solidified as Zeus scored a solo kill against 'Bin' Cheon Zebin (20, Bilibili Gaming) and received dragon buffs in succession.

After winning the Baron teamfight in the 33rd minute, Korea immediately attacked China's base.

China desperately went on defense, but Chovy's Taliyah created individual opportunities with her ultimate at every crucial moment.

Ruler also did not miss the opportunity and cut off all the Chinese players, eventually defeating the Chinese main camp in 36 minutes.

Korea, which has secured at least a silver medal, will attempt its first official gold medal challenge in the finals held at the same venue on the 29th.

The opponent will be the winner of the semifinal match between Taiwan and Vietnam scheduled to be held this afternoon.

As both teams are evaluated as relatively weak compared to Korea and China, which are evaluated as the 'two major mountains' of LoL e-sports, there is analysis that Korea has virtually secured the gold medal.
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