LoL National Team Defeats China in the Semifinals [sports]

[Asian Games] LoL National Team Defeats China in the Semifinals and Advances to the Finals... 金 Influential

Following the quarterfinals, Chovy appears in the mid-game... Secure at least a silver medal with a 2:0 complete win…

The winning team of the Taiwan-Vietnam game and the finals on the 29th.

The e-sports League of Legends (LoL) team that participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) completely defeated China, the biggest enemy of the tournament. 먹튀검증가이드

The national team won against China with a set score of 2:0 in the semifinals, held in a best-of-three format at the Hangzhou Esports Center in China on the morning of the 28th.

Korea used 'Chovy' Jeong Ji-hoon (22, Gen.G) as their mid laner following the quarterfinals the previous day.

To counter this, China selected 'Jiejie' Zhao Lijie (22, Edward Gaming) as their starting jungler.

'Ruler' Jae-hyuk Park (25, Jingdong Gaming) cut down 'Elk' Zhao Jahao in the 5th minute with a joint attack by supporter Ryu 'Keria' Min-seok (21, T1) and ganking Seo Jin-hyuk (23, Jingdong Gaming). and overpowered the ship.

Ruler recorded a double kill in the subsequent large-scale fight (teamfight) around the 15th minute, widening the gap that had widened early on.

China was not helpless either.

'Night' Zuoding (23, Jingdong Gaming) launched a counterattack by using his personal skills using his key pick, LeBlanc, to cut off Kanavi, Zeus, and Keria, who are playing on the same team in his country's league.

The deciding factor was a teamfight that started near the Chinese team's headquarters around the 28th minute.

Kanavi started by eliminating Knight, who was a thorn in his eye, and took the victory by capturing 'Meiko' Tenye (25, Edward Gaming) and Zhao Lijie, and Ruler went deep into the Chinese base and captured the other two, winning the first set in 29 minutes. took it

Korea, which started strong in the first set, appeared to be shaken by China's fierce counterattack in the early part of the second set.

China widened the gold gap by winning a kill in a mid-line teamfight around the 8th minute, starting with 'Elk' Zhao Jahao (22, Bilibili Gaming) taking the lead in a bottom lane battle around the 3rd minute.

However, Korea took advantage of the performance of Ruler and Chovy by obtaining a buff in a teamfight in front of Dragon around the 15th minute, and won 3 kills against China, restoring the kill score to 4:4.

Korea's victory was solidified as Zeus scored a solo kill against 'Bin' Cheon Zebin (20, Bilibili Gaming) and received dragon buffs in succession.

After winning the Baron teamfight in the 33rd minute, Korea immediately attacked China's base.

China desperately went on defense, but Chovy's Taliyah created individual opportunities with her ultimate at every crucial moment.

Ruler also did not miss the opportunity and cut off all the Chinese players, eventually defeating the Chinese main camp in 36 minutes.

Korea, which has secured at least a silver medal, will attempt its first official gold medal challenge in the finals held at the same venue on the 29th.

The opponent will be the winner of the semifinal match between Taiwan and Vietnam scheduled to be held this afternoon.

As both teams are evaluated as relatively weak compared to Korea and China, which are evaluated as the 'two major mountains' of LoL e-sports, there is analysis that Korea has virtually secured the gold medal.
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