Hwang Seon-woo, 2nd Place in the 100m Freestyle Preliminary Round [sports]

[Asian Games] Hwang Seon-woo, 2nd place in the 100m freestyle preliminary round, and Lee Ho-jun 7th place, advanced to the finals

Asian record holder Fan Zhanle tied for third place with 48.66 seconds... First place in the preliminary round is Chinese rookie Wang Haoyu.

Hwang Seon-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) advanced to the men's 100m freestyle finals by placing second in the preliminary round, following Wang Hao-yu (18, China).

Hwang Sun-woo finished the race in 48.54 seconds in the men's 100m freestyle preliminary group 6 match held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center swimming pool on the 24th.

It was his first individual Asian Games match. 스포츠토토

Although he beat Fan Zhanle (48.66 seconds), who competed in the same group, he could not beat Wang Haoyu's record (48.13 seconds), who competed in group 4.

A total of 44 people participated in the preliminaries on this day, and the top 8 received tickets to the finals.

Hojun Lee also advanced to the finals in 3rd place in Group 6 and 7th overall with a time of 49.24 seconds.

Fan Zhanle and Katsuhiro Matsumoto (26, Japan) tied for third place with 48.66 seconds.

The men's 100m freestyle final will be held at 9:26 pm Korean time.

The preliminary round was an exploratory match.

The ‘real match’ unfolds in the finals.

Looking at the history and records, the number one candidate to win this event is Pan Zhanle.

Fan Zhanle set a new Asian record in the 100m freestyle with a time of 47.22 seconds at the Hangzhou Asian Games held in May.

The previous Asian record for the 100m freestyle was 47.56 seconds set by Sunwoo Hwang at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

At the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships held in July in the 100m freestyle, Fan Zhanle placed 4th (47.43 seconds), and Sunwoo Hwang placed 9th (48.08 seconds) in the semifinals, unfortunately failing to advance to the final stage.

However, Hwang Sun-woo acknowledged Pan Zhanle's superiority , but expressed his competitive spirit, saying,

"The records were good during training. If both me and Pan Zhanle do our best, we will both record good records."

Among Korean athletes, only one, Park Tae-hwan, has won a medal in the men's 100m freestyle at the Asian Games.

Tae-hwan Park won a silver medal in this event in Doha in 2006 and a gold medal in Guangzhou in 2010.

Hwang Sun-woo, who is active as a leading figure in Korean swimming management after Park Tae-hwan's retirement, will attempt to become the second Asian Games men's 100m freestyle winner after Park Tae-hwan later this afternoon.

Huang Sun-woo, whom we met after the preliminaries, said, "I am satisfied with my record in the preliminaries. I

was in the same group as Fan Zhanle, and I competed comfortably. Not only Fan Zhanle, but also Wang Haoyu is performing very well in the 100m freestyle, so I need to race harder in the finals." He said.

Hwang Sun-woo promised, “I will have a good lunch, rest well, and then play a good game in the finals.”
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