Pain and Burden of Track and Field Genius Joel Jin [sports]

[National Sports Festival] The pain and burden of track and field genius Joel Jin... I washed while drawing

Mixed-race athlete Joel Jin sets new records in every competition he participates in.

“I’ve never been to an art academy, but… I made up my mind by drawing.”

It is common for people who are evaluated as 'prodigies' across all fields to stop growing and live ordinary lives.

This is especially true in the sports world.

Every year, many 'geniuses' break their own wings, unable to overcome the excessive expectations and attention from those around them. 스포츠토토

Even now, many promising players are failing to blossom and disappearing from people's minds.

Namadi Joel-Jin (17, Gimpo Jeil Technical High School), a promising Korean track and field sprinter, is also considered a genius.

Joel Jin entered track and field a bit late, when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school, but has recently shown explosive growth and is shaking up the Korean track and field world.

Joel Jin, who was an ordinary athlete just two years ago, surprised those around him by setting a new high school men's 100m record of 10.36 seconds last August.

Recently, at the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival held at Mokpo Stadium in Jeollanam-do, he swept the gold medals in the men's high school 100m (10.47) and 200m (21.04) races, beating his competitors by a long distance.

In particular, a new competition record was set in the 200.

The reason Joel Jin is receiving attention is not just because of his skills.

Born to a Korean mother and a Nigerian father, Joel Jin attracts the public's attention with his striking appearance and Western-style name.

Joel Jin, who was born and raised in Korea, was no different from her friends her age, but she also suffered from quite a bit of stress due to the attention of those around her.

The pressure and stress that Joel Jin feels is much greater than that experienced by other ‘genius players’.

Joel Jin, whom we met at Mokpo Stadium on the 16th, was cautious when asked about exposure to public opinion, saying, "It's difficult to tell you honestly."

However, Joel Jin is doing well to overcome the excessive expectations, attention, and gaze of those around him.

She manages her mental state by engaging in various hobbies to avoid becoming obsessed with records, numbers, and performance.

“She usually relieves stress by playing the guitar or drawing,” Joel Jin said.

“She enjoys doing variety shows and it’s fun.”

Joel Jin's drawing skills are top-notch.

They are no different from art major students preparing for entrance exams.

“She loved drawing since she was little,” he said.

“She never went to art school, but she continued to draw and her skills improved.”

Painting is Joel Jin's escape from pressure.

He added, “Whenever I feel stressed, I draw my mind by drawing world-class athletes like Usain Bolt, who I like.”

He added, “I feel pressure whenever an important competition approaches, but I try to overcome it on my own.”

Joel Jin, who is overcoming his battle with himself through his healthy hobbies, confidently said, “I will grow well in the future.”
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